Focus Session #2: Transgender (English)

Don’t drop the T – Becoming a trans*-friendly company






10 – 11:30 am CEST



Target Group

HR, Diversity Managers and Executives of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies


What can companies do in order to foster inclusion and appreciation of trans* employees? What needs to be considered in the recruitment process? How can employers assist and support the staff regarding a transition in the workplace and which corporate regulations should be adjusted? How to implement gender-neutral toilets? What about the civil status law?

In this LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Session we will dive deep into the topic of transgender and show you how can shape your corporate culture to be more trans*-friendly. We will get into all relevant topics such as transition in the workplace, recruiting, gender-neutral toilets, legal company framework for changing the civil status etc.

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This event is exclusively for employees of our partner companies. They can book a ticket with the following form and “registration” button. The link to access the digital event will be sent out to all participants a day before it takes place.

What is a Focus Session?

Once per quarter, and exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE partners we host LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Sessions in which we dive deep into selected issues relevant for HR and Diversity Management. We will issue factsheets and guidelines to all topics, which can be accessed after the event via our Diversity Collection.