Trans & Gender-Diversity: A 101-Guide on How to Become an Ally






12:00 pm



For whom is the event?

For all employees of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies.


Who are trans & gender-diversity people? What’s the deal with stating your pronouns? What are the challenges this community are confronted with in their everyday life? And why should I even care about this? Trans & gender-diverse people are those, who do not identify with their gender assigned to them at birth. Oftentimes – even without knowing – we work with trans & gender-diverse people or have them among our friends and family. To make sure to meet these people around us with respect and dignity, it is important to understand more about the lived realities and difficulties this community faces. To listen to their stories and learn from people, who challenge the stereotypical idea that a body determines a person’s identity, may even open up pathways to free oneself from societal restrictive norms and will show us new perspectives. Join us for an interactive online session to learn more about gender diversity and why it matters that everyone gets involved! Let’s jointly look on a spectrum beyond normative notions of the gender binary and see what we – both as individuals and also as businesses – can do to strengthen and celebrate trans and gender diversity and how everyone benefits from this in the end.

About Max Appenroth

Max Appenroth (they/them) is a Cologne-based non-binary trans activist, diversity consultant, moderator, and PhD Candidate at the Institute of Public Health at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Max also works as a Research & Community Sexual Health Officer for the international trans-led organisation GATE – Global Action for Trans Equality. They are an internationally recognized expert on diversity and inclusion and offer with their own company ‘diversity sparq’ workshops & trainings to companies, institutions, and care facilities to learn (more) about sexual and gender diversity, and how to make workplaces and services more inclusive and accessible for diverse communities. For more information about Max and their work, please check:



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