Stay Mindful: Mind Training in the workplace






8.30 – 10 am CET



Target Group

LGBTIQ+ employees and straight allies of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies


Leading your workplace to cruise the introduction of mindfulness meditation practice, delving into different techniques using the contemporary life and environment as our ally for bringing us to the present moment.
During the masterclass we will explore how to defuse stress and experience greater calm, and tricks to stabilize emotions and reactivity in the workplace.

About Yaknel Elorza

Yaknel has been practicing Meditation & Yoga for over 15 years, exploring breathing and movement, using ourselves, our experiences & our breath as our teachers. Together with Daniel Padrino they are growing the StayMindful community.

Contact Yaknel / StayMindful :

What is a masterclass ?

In our LGBT+ Masterclass, we offer digital workshops for the LGBT+ employees of our member companies. Guided by our experienced consultants and partners, they are equipped with the core competencies,
skills and leadership qualities that are critical to climbing the corporate ladder.

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