PRIDE is not only once a year!

With our LGBT+ Employer Excellence Programme, we support our members individually in living diversity even outside of PRIDE Month, further developing the structure of an organisation and its employees and making their successes visible internally and externally. LGBT+ diversity should be visible and positively experienced as an integral part of the corporate culture — all year long.

Through consulting, exchange of experience and access to a network of LGBT+ diversity-friendly companies, we provide our members with tools to promote equal rights and respectful cooperation in the workplace.

Since 2009 we’ve been the LGBT+ diversity experts in Germany.

As the leading social business promoting LGBT+ equality in Germany, we support LGBT+ people in their professional lives through our various projects and brands worldwide. Through digital events, online workshops, training, audits, certification, public relations and consulting, we help over 100 employers every year support their LGBT+ employees and attract new talent. In addition, we strengthen their employer brand within and beyond the LGBT+ community, making it recognisable and credible.

With our social media channels, communities, newsletters and rankings, we reach over 100,000 LGBT+ talents and leaders. This makes us the first choice for LGBT+ job seekers and LGBT+ friendly employers in the German-speaking regions.

We Stay PRIDE includes but is not limited to

  • Analysis of the LGBT+ diversity management of our members & support in the implementation of measures
  • Raising awareness of leaders and management as the main actors of change
  • Supporting LGBT+ talents in our member companies and organisations
  • Networking and digital events for our partner companies and organisations
  • Creating transparency, knowledge and awareness by providing facts, figures and best practices on LGBT+ diversity on our digital knowledge platform

LGBT+ Diversity Audit and Employer Seal

Through training and annual audits, we help our members become true LGBT+ Diversity Champions and award them the PRIDE 500 employer seal after successfully passing the LGBT+ Diversity Audit.

LGBT+ Benchmark Report

Exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE members, we publish the annual LGBT+ Benchmark Report. By analysing data & best practice results we gain relevant insights and propose effective actions.

LGBT+ Visibility Boost

We want the LGBT+ commitment of our members to be noticed. Therefore, every week we share a contribution from one of our members showing their commitment to LGBT+ diversity — whether it be a video, article or photo. In this way we function as an additional platform and channel to connect with the LGBT+ community, enabling member companies to increase their reach and visibility.

LGBT+ Diversity Employer Events

We offer digital and offline meetings to exchange best practices and experiences for HR/diversity experts and executives from different companies. #UNPINKED is the perfect event for HR managers to exchange information on LGBT+ recruiting and employer branding. Overall, our member companies benefit from each other’s knowledge and share best practices across our events.

LGBT+ Diversity Consulting

We advise our partner companies on LGBT+ diversity management. This includes, for example, questions on gender-appropriate language, feedback on the diversity strategy or the implementation of new LGBT+ diversity measures, the targeted recruiting of LGBT+ talent or immediate assistance in the case of pinkwashing allegations and support in crisis communications.

LGBT+ Diversity Collection

A LGBT+ diversity knowledge platform is available to our member companies on the UHLALA website with links to current LGBT+ studies, articles, videos and a special FAQ page. Here we publish the answers to the questions that we regularly receive from our partner companies. You will also receive a quarterly update on current LGBT+ topics/studies with a focus on the world of work.

LGBT+ Management Training

Through digital workshops for senior managers we provide a greater understanding of LGBT+ diversity in general, sensitising staff to these issues. We specifically inform them about their responsibilities in the area of leadership, development and health of their LGBT+ employees. We offer a selection of LGBT+ diversity management training courses with different focuses. The member companies are free to choose from these and thus put together a suitable portfolio.

LGBT+ Masterclass

In our LGBT+ masterclass we offer digital workshops for LGBT+ employees of our member companies to equip them, under the guidance of our experienced consultants, with the core competencies, skills and leadership qualities crucial for advancing on the corporate career ladder.

Role Model Events

Our networking events for LGBT+ leaders provide an opportunity to meet, learn and talk with outstanding leaders from different countries, industries and organisations.

Cross-company Mentoring

Cross-Company Mentoring is an exclusive, non-company-specific mentoring programme that brings together highly talented LGBT+ mentees with mentors from other companies to promote professional and personal development (2021).

Trans at Work

We support our member companies on the topic of Trans at Work. In addition to assisting in the creation of company-specific trans guidelines, we also conduct training courses on trans diversity for managers and employees.

Loyalty Discount

All member companies receive early bird discounts for the projects of UHLALA Group and our partner companies at all times. This way they can be sure to receive the best conditions even after the early bird promotion has ended. In addition, there are special rates for members at events like STICKS & STONES.

LGBT+ Diversity should be visible and positively experienced as an integral part of the corporate culture — all year round.

With our LGBT+ Employer Excellence Programme We Stay PRIDE, we support our members individually in living diversity even outside of the PRIDE Month, in further developing the organisation and its employees and in making the successes successfully visible internally and externally.