PRIDE is not only once a year!

With our LGBT+ Employer Excellence Program, we support our members in living diversity beyond Pride month, further developing the structure of an organization and its employees and  making their successes clearly visible internally and externally.

This way, LGBT+ diversity becomes an integral part of the corporate culture and can be experienced by all.

Since 2009 we’ve been the LGBT+ diversity experts in Germany.

Through digital events, online workshops, training, audits, certification, public relations and consulting, we help over 100 employers every year by supporting their LGBT+ employees and attracting new talents. 

In addition, we strengthen their employer brand within and beyond the LGBT+ community. With our social media channels, LGBT+ communities, newsletters and rankings, we reach more than 100.000 LGBT+ talent and leaders. This makes us the first choice for LGBT+ job seekers and open-minded employers in the German-speaking region.


We Stay PRIDE includes:

  • Evaluation of the LGBT+ diversity management & support in the implementation of measures
  • Raising awareness of the issue among executives and management, as key agents of change
  • Supporting LGBT+ talents in our member companies and organizations
  • Networking between our partner companies via digital events
  • Educating and creating awareness by providing facts, figures and best practices on LGBT+ diversity on our digital knowledge platform
  • All of our formats take place entirely virtual, allowing employees worldwide to participate in events
  • Incorporating issues such as intersectionality, POC, and trans at work


Through training and annual audits, we help our members become a true LGBT+ Diversity Champion and award them with the PRIDE 500 Employer Seal after successfully passing the LGBT+ Diversity Audit.
Exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE members, we publish the annual LGBT+ Benchmark Report. This allows them to gain insights on how they perform compared to other participating companies. The results of the Benchmark Report are based on the LGBT+ Diversity Audit.


Every three months we will host the LGBT+ Diversity Focus Sessions exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE partners, in which we take an in-depth look at an LGBT+ topic relevant to HR and Diversity Management. We create factsheets and guidelines on all topics, which can then be accessed via the Diversity Collection. The event is primarily aimed at diversity managers, people in strategic HR and other interested parties from our We Stay PRIDE partner companies.


Once per season, we will offer our members the Four Seasons Exchange as an opportunity to share ideas on current issues, challenges and best practices. In addition, we present the current We Stay PRIDE programme for the upcoming three months, highlight the latest developments in the field of LGBT+ diversity and point out our upcoming events. Furthermore, we want to create room for a trustfully exchange among the members.


We offer digital meetings to share best practices and experiences for HR / Diversity experts and executives from different companies, e.g. our LGBT+ Diversity Conference #UNPINKED. Our member companies benefit from each other’s knowledge and share their best practices.


We advise our member companies individually on LGBT+ diversity management. This includes e.g. questions on gender-inclusive language, feedback on their diversity strategy or on the establishment of new LGBT+ diversity measures, the targeted recruiting of LGBT+ talents or immediate assistance in case of occurring pinkwashing allegations and crisis communications support.


We support our members in making their LGBT+ commitment externally visible and strengthening their corporate brand. Hence, we provide them with social media kits, e.g. with photos, videos and texts, for the most important annual Pride Days, which can be used to communicate internally and externally. The content can be used flexibly, as required, and supplemented with the company’s own logo.


Our member companies have access to an LGBT+ diversity knowledge platform on the We Stay PRIDE website with links to current LGBT+ studies, articles, videos and a special FAQ page. Here we publish the answers to the questions we regularly receive from our partner companies. In addition, our partners can find factsheets and guidelines on selected HR topics related to LGBT+ diversity. They also receive a quarterly update on the latest LGBT+ topics / studies with a focus on the working world.


Through digital, in-company workshops for executives, we ensure a basic understanding of LGBT+ diversity for people with no prior knowledge. We raise awareness of how to deal with LGBT+ employees, highlight relevant topics and answer questions about LGBT+ terms, leadership responsibilities and promoting LGBT+ talents in the workforce. The leadership training is held separately for each member company in digital form.


All member companies receive early bird prices on the projects of the UHLALA Group at any time. In this way, they can be sure to get the best conditions, even after the early bird promotion has ended. In addition, special conditions are available for events such as STICKS & STONES.


LGBT+ employee networks offer the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues in similar situations, to expand one’s professional network and to empower each other. With this format we offer our partners a platform to present their own network, to get to know LGBT+ talents from other companies and to exchange best practices and share thoughts on current topics.


In our LGBT+ Masterclass, we offer digital workshops for the LGBT+ employees of our member companies. Guided by our experienced consultants, they are equipped with the core competencies, skills and leadership qualities that are crucial for climbing the corporate career ladder.


These online events provide an opportunity to meet, learn and be inspired by outstanding leaders from different countries, industries & organizations.


Our Cross-Company Mentoring is an exclusive program that pairs LGBT+ mentees with experienced mentors from other companies to support their professional and personal development (start in 2021).

LGBT+ diversity should be visible and positively experienced as an integral part of the corporate culture

— all year round.

With our LGBT+ Employer Excellence Programme We Stay PRIDE, we support our members individually in living diversity outside of PRIDE month, developing the organisation and its employees and making their successes clearly visible internally and externally.