Appreciation of diversity should not be limited to pride month.

With our LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Programme, we support our members in putting diversity into practice sustainably and authentically, in developing the organisation and its employees, and in making its successes visible both internally and externally. This way, LGBTIQ+ diversity becomes an integral part of the corporate culture.

Since 2009, we have been driving social change and working towards the LGBTIQ+ friendly world of tomorrow.

What makes us unique is that we are both an NGO and a company. We are firmly rooted in LGBTIQ+ communities and focused on the world of work and study. Through our projects and networks, we aim at empowering and connecting the community.

With our know-how and expertise as LGBTIQ+ diversity experts, we work with companies and organizations to bring about lasting change in corporate cultures. We encourage LGBTIQ+ friendly procedures and thus create appreciative environments for the community. Developing equal opportunities is a project that requires perseverance, and we provide it!

We welcome allies throughout our endeavours: an appreciative and open environment benefits not only the community, but all employees and students.


We Stay PRIDE is a digital programme — member companies and organisations can easily contact us, and employees worldwide can participate in our events.

The programme consists of the following key areas:

  • GROW We take LGBTIQ+ diversity management to the next level — with an as-is analysis and consulting by experts.
  • EDUCATE We train and sensitise employees to LGBTIQ+ diversity.
  • EMPOWER We connect LGBTIQ+ people and create opportunities for empowerment and mutual learning.


The PRIDE Audit — diversity on the test bench

With the help of our audit, we thoroughly analyse the state of the LGBTIQ+ diversity management of our members on a yearly basis and identify its potential in a personal feedback session. After successfully passing the audit, we award the best companies and organisations with the PRIDE Champion employer seal.
All We Stay PRIDE Gold partners receive an annual benchmark report on the audit, which they can use to compare their performance with that of other participating companies.

LGBTIQ+ Diversity Training — 75+ criteria to become an LGBTIQ+ friendly employer

In our four-part training “75+ criteria to become an LGBTIQ+ friendly employer” we provide an overview of measures of successful LGBTIQ+ diversity management in organisations and companies. The content of the training is based on the PRIDE Audit.

Focus Sessions

Exclusively for our partners, we organise Focus Sessions quarterly, in which we take an in-depth look at HR relevant LGBTIQ+ topics. There is also the opportunity to interact with the speakers afterwards. Topics so far have included making LGBTIQ+ diversity measurable, being trans at work, being LGBTIQ+ on business trips, and gender-neutral and non-discriminatory language.

Pride Booklet on LGBTIQ+ Topics

Once a quarter, we publish an information brochure on the topics of the Focus Sessions, where all the information from the lectures is summarised. All brochures and event recordings can be accessed online in the Diversity Collection.

Diversity Collection

Our members have access to an LGBTIQ+ diversity knowledge platform on the We Stay PRIDE website. The collection contains links to current LGBTIQ+ studies, articles and videos (such as recordings of all Focus Sessions).

Members Exchange

At the Members Exchange, HR and diversity managers of our member companies can exchange ideas in trustworthiness. Every quarter, small groups discuss best practices as well as current topics, challenges and opportunities.

The Global LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference

UNPINKED is the UHLALA Group’s annual LGBTIQ+ diversity conference. It promotes the sharing of best practices from around the world to advance equality in the workplace. We Stay PRIDE memberships include business tickets to the event.


We advise our partner companies individually on LGBTIQ+ diversity management. The memberships include a contingent of consulting hours that are available within the framework of the partnership.


Training & Sensitizing

Training and sensitizing employees on LGBTIQ+ diversity is an essential part of successful diversity management. There are various trainings included in the WSP memberships and some may be freely selected from our portfolio. The training dates are agreed upon at the beginning of the membership. The trainings can also be conducted on site upon request, with additional costs. The following pages show an overview of the training offers according to target groups.


Network Exchange

LGBTIQ+ employee networks offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge with colleagues in similar situations, to establish new contacts and to empower each other. Through network exchange, we offer all members of LGBTIQ+ employee networks a platform to present themselves to the other member companies’ networks and to discuss best practices and current topics. In breakout sessions, all participants have the opportunity to network with LGBTIQ+ employees from other companies.

Cross-company Mentoring

In our exclusive Cross-company Mentoring programme, we bring LGBTIQ+ mentees together with successful individuals from other member companies. Through a 1:1 mentoring relationship and individual, thematic focus, we enable an intensive, trusting exchange to accompany professional and personal growth. The programme is accompanied by events of the We Stay PRIDE team where all participants can come together and share ideas and questions.


Visibility on the We Stay PRIDE website & announcement of membership through social media

WSP member companies with Gold and Classic packages receive an individual company profile on the WSP website, thus becoming more visible as open employers. Their logo will also appear on the UHLALA Group website ( and receive a company profile on Proudr | The LGBTIQ+ News & Networking Community ( In addition, we communicate the start of the membership through the We Stay PRIDE social media channels.

Loyalty Discount

Our WSP member companies receive a discount on a variety of UHLALA Group projects.

LGBTIQ+ diversity should be visible and positively experienced as an integral part of the corporate culture — all year round.

With our LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Programme We Stay PRIDE, we support our members individually in living diversity outside of Pride month, developing the organisation and its employees and making their successes clearly visible internally and externally.

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