Nonviolent Communication – The Key to Always Finding Solutions






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All employees of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies


Again and again it happens that our language separates us instead of connecting us. Despite our best efforts, we get caught up in misunderstandings, get hung up on “little things,” and get annoyed by the behavior of others. How quickly does it happen that a tension turns into a conflict or a quarrel? How quickly do we say things that are off-putting and hurtful and that we later regret? And how much precious time and energy do we spend on this?

Unfortunately, from an early age we have become accustomed to the idea that there are only two options: win or lose. In the movies, there are heroes and villains. In sports, the winner is cheered and the loser is soon forgotten. Who has the highest salary, the biggest car, the biggest market share, etc.? These are the questions that predominantly occupy our minds. Everyone wants to be among the winners, no one wants to be among the losers. We think there’s not enough of everything, so we often can’t think of the alternative: What would it be like if everyone won (“WIN-WIN”)?

What helps us here is:
✔️ a mindful and benevolent inner attitude, based on respect, appreciation and empathy
✔️ a form of language that connects us with ourselves and with other people 

Participate in the event and learn how to incorporate nonviolent communication into your everyday life and take your professional and personal life to a whole new level

About Uchenna Jonas

Uchenna has always been familiar with the Internet. At the age of 14, he was already surfing the World Wide Web day & night, whether on his own computer or on his smartphone. A life without daily gambling and Facebooking was practically unimaginable for him. The digital world offered him not only the possibility to suppress his social fears and to get to know new people from all over the world, but was also a refuge that let him forget the problems of his real life.

But with each passing day, the problems on the outside grew bigger and the joy in his heart grew smaller. One day he felt so empty and dissatisfied inside that he realized he had to change something now before he missed his most important opportunities in life. Deep in his heart, he felt that he was destined for something greater.

Through his degree in international business administration and many years of experience in online retailing, Uchenna quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of how digital businesses work and do everything they can to get our attention. The education gap in the school system, further amplifies this effect, as a large portion of consumers do not know how to defend themselves against the psychological tricks of the Internet giants. Over the years, he realized that it is his destiny to help other people with his knowledge.

So he started his education to become an IHK certified business coach and developed a unique program that closes this educational gap and brings people back on their way. His experience as a digital native, marketing & social media specialist, and YouTuber not only gave him the sensitivity he needed for his program development, but undoubtedly makes him a unique expert in his field.

Uchenna has made it his mission to reconnect people with themselves, their dreams and thus with nature: “Only when we feel connected to ourselves and to life can we remember who we really are and what makes us truly happy. Only then will we be able to master the challenges of today and look to the future with a clear conscience.” He brings this vision closer to his fellow human beings and starts exactly at the pain point, which is the main reason for the perceived excessive demands of today. In this way, he picks people up where they are and helps them discover life from a completely new perspective – in connection with the mindful use of the Internet.

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What is a masterclass ?

In our LGBTIQ+ Masterclass, we offer digital workshops for the LGBTIQ+ employees of our member companies. Guided by our experienced consultants and partners, they are equipped with the core competencies, skills and leadership qualities that are critical to climbing the corporate ladder.

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