LGBTIQ+ Network Exchange #6






5:00 – 6:30 pm



For whom is the event?

LGBTIQ+ network representatives and members from our We Stay PRIDE partners.


This event will be hosted by one of our partner companies and their corresponding LGBTIQ+ network. As soon as the host and the topic have been allocated, the information will be shown here.

What is the LGBTIQ+ network exchange?

LGBTIQ+ employee networks offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other LGBTIQ+ colleagues, to make new contacts and to empower each other. With the network exchange, we offer our partners a platform to present their own network, to get to know LGBTIQ+ network members from other companies and to exchange best practices and current topics.

The event takes place every two months, alternating between German and English, so that all employees have the opportunity to use this platform.


The event is exclusively for the employees of our We Stay PRIDE partners. They can easily register using the form below. Please make sure to register with your company email address. The link to the online event will then be sent to all participants by email the day before the event.