Focus Session Q1

Intersectionality at the Workplace – What HR Should Consider






10 – 11 am CET



Target Group

HR, Diversity Managers, Executives as well as all interested employees of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies.


The concept of intersectionality has received more public attention in recent years and is also becoming increasingly more important in the HR sector. But what does intersectionality exactly entail and how can companies and organizations use intersectional concepts to improve employee experience? How can an intersectional lens help to reduce discrimination and to better understand identity issues in the workplace? In our focus session on intersectionality, we will first provide a general overview and then answer these and other questions.


The event is exclusively for the employees of our We Stay PRIDE partners. They can easily register using the form below. Please make sure to register with your company email address. The link to the online event will then be sent to all participants by email the day before the event.

What is a Focus Session?

Once per quarter, and exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE partners we host LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Sessions in which we dive deep into selected issues relevant for HR and Diversity Management. We will issue factsheets and guidelines to all topics, which can be accessed after the event via our Diversity Collection.

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