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LGBT+ Diversity Schulung
LGBT+ Diversity Audit & Award
Online | 01/ 03/ 08/ 10.09.2020

50+ Kriterien, um ein LGBT+ freundlicher Arbeitgeber zu werden

Gender-Gap, Doppelpunkt oder Gender-Star – So gendert ihr richtig
René Brandt
LGBT+ Diversity Employer Event
Online | 07.09.2020
#StartUpYourPride — Turning an Idea into an Impact Enterprise
Kenneth Kwok
Role Model Event
Online | 09.09.2020

From start-up idea to action! How do you go from having a business idea to bringing it to life? Take notes from Kenneth! He will share his experience, tips and tricks with you. 

We Stay PRIDE Kick-Off
Exclusive for WSP members
Online | 16.09.2020

All important information about your membership

Focus on your talent, not your title
Ina Seyfarth
Role Model Event
Online | 16.09.2020

Having a great job title might come at the price that you feel suffocated by your job. On the other hand changing your career path might seem very hard and painful.

„Diversity ist meine Passion!”
Anna Engers
Role Model Event
Online | 22.09.2020

Diversity, Diversität, Vielfalt – drei Begriffe, die gerade wieder sehr häufig benutzt werden! Aber was heißt das genau und was können wir alles tolles mit Diversity anstellen? Darüber möchte Anna in ihrem Vortrag sprechen. 

LGBT+ Diversity Employer Event
Online | 23.09.2020

Die erste digitale LGBT+ Diversity Konferenz

Gehalts-verhandlungen auf Augenhöhe
Cathy Narriman
Role Model Event
Online | 29.09.2020

In diesem Talk geht es darum, wie du dich bei der Jobsuche auf ein souveränes, faires und entspanntes Gespräch mit der Arbeit- bzw. Auftraggeberseite vorbereitest.


Eine Stimme für alle – Wie und warum Sie ein LGBT+ Netzwerk in Ihrem Unternehmen aufbauen sollten
Bertrand Duteil
LGBT+ Employer Event
Online | 07.10.2020
We Stay PRIDE Kick-Off
Exclusive for WSP members
Online | 08.10.2020

All important information about your membership

Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week
Role Model Event
Online | 12-16.10.2020

The Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week is back! After the success of the first edition last year, we are bringing back the BxTW for five days of online talks & networking opportunities!

What do learning to code and trekking to Everest base camp have in common?
Laura Kenny
Role Model Event
Online | 13.10.2020

What equipment do I need? How to prepare? How to handle obstacles along the way?

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! 
David Burton
Role Model Event
Online | 26.10.2020

Join us to hear Dave’s story on how he has gone full circle to be truly authentic and comfortable to be his full self professionally. It’s amazing how much effort it takes not to be yourself and how little just to be you so what are you going to do with all that extra power?

Leading by example – Creating a safe workplace for LGBT+ colleagues
Steve Jacques
Role Model Event
Online | 28.10.2020

What equipment do I need? How to prepare? How to handle obstacles along the way?


LGBT+ Diversity Kompetenz für Führungskräfte
LGBT+ Diversity Leadership Training
Online | 04/ 11/ 18/ 25.11.2020

Eine Schulung explizit für Führungskräfte rund um das Thema LGBT+ Diversity am Arbeitsplatz

10 wichtige Aussteller-Tipps für einen erfolgreichen Auftritt auf einer digitalen Karrieremesse
Stuart Cameron
LGBT+ Diversity Employer Event
Online | 05.11.2020
Bringing your Authentic Self to Work
Charley Woodward
Role Model Event
Online | 04.11.2020

Charley comes with nearly 30 years’ experience working in sales leadership positions within the high end tech industry. VMware, are a major vendor that provide enabling solutions for customers to achieve successful digital transformation. Charley has EMEA Wide responsibility for leading VMware’s go to market channel. Join us to hear about her journey to being her authentic self.

The Match: Business Consulting und Kreativität
Franziska Gumrich
Role Model Event
Online | 10.11.2020

Kreativität entsteht selten in einem völlig chaotischen Umfeld. Einfach drauf los mag kreative Ideen erzeugen. Das große Potenzial steckt jedoch in der kreativen Problemlösung als geordneter und kontrollierbarer Prozess.

LGBT+ Diversity Training
LGBT+ Diversity Audit & Award
Online | 17/ 19 /24/ 26.11.2020

50+ criteria to become a LGBT+ friendly employer

Mindful Leadership – Dein Weg zu mehr Präsenz, Resilienz und Innovation
Daisy Krüger
Online | 19.11.2020
Diversity & Inclusion: what it is really about
Armando Garrine
Role Model Event
Online | 18.11.2020

Implementing D/I with courage. Going beyond and demystifying the myth of being apolitical in organisations.

From Homelessness to Becoming One of the Most Visible LGBT+ Activists
Amazin LeThi
Role Model Event
Online | 24.11.2020

Finding strength and resilience through adversity with Amazin! 


Imposter Syndrome: own it, talk about it, manage it
Bo Mérei
Role Model Event
Online | 01.12.2020

In this talk, I’d like to share some personal experiences as well as methods that can help you manage imposter syndrome. I will invite you to some self-reflection exercises and leave you with some tools that you may use later by yourself or with a friend. 

So LGBT+ freundlich sind die DAX Konzerne
Laura Homma
LGBT+ Diversity Employer Events
Online | 02.12.2020

Am 10. November 2020 veröffentlichen wir das zweite DAX 30 LGBT+ Diversity Ranking.

Das LGBT+ Netzwerk als Produkt – Mit Methoden aus der Produktentwicklung zum erfolgreichen LGBT+ Netzwerk im Unternehmen
Online | 04.12.2020

Ein Produkt richtet sich an eine Zielgruppe, löst ein Problem und erfüllt bestenfalls ein messbares Business Ziel. Doch wer genau gehört eigentlich zur Zielgruppe eines LGBT+ Netzwerkes?

“Ich habe keine Vorurteile!” – Stimmt nicht! Wie sie uns alle beeinflussen und was wir dagegen tun können
Patricia Heufers
Role Model Event
Online | 08.12.2020

Was sind uncsoncious biases? Warum gibt es sie? Welche kommen im Arbeitskontext häufig vor? Und wie können wir ihre Auswirkungen minimieren?

Trans at Work

LGBT+ Diversity Leadership Training
Online | 09.12.2020

Ziel der Schulung ist es, Führungskräfte mit dem Thema Trans vertraut zu machen, Begrifflichkeiten zu klären und sie zu sensibilisieren

Stepping Stones to my Board Success; A Practical Route-map
Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett
Role Model Event
Online | 09.12.2020

A personal overview of the journey that took Annemieke from a small village in the Netherlands to a global commercial career which covers continents from Europe through Russia, India, Australia and the USA.

Storytelling Masterclass: Discover The Blueprint Behind All Great Presentations
Matteo Cassese
Online | 10.12.2020

Go to the heart of storytelling and learn how the Hero’s Journey can help you craft business narratives that serve internal and external communications, inform, engage, and persuade. Connect with your colleagues, peers, and the C-suite through a skillset that has evolved through the millennia.

How NOT to succeed in your IT career
Alexis Ducerf
Role Model Event
Online | 16.12.2020

With my experience in computer science & the education ecosystem, I have met hundreds (if not thousands) of students. During this interview, we will see the 5-key method to not succeed in a technician’s career.