Events 2022


Don’t miss our upcoming events: currently not all yearly events are listed, but the calendar is being updated continuously.

You can find the recordings of past events in our media center. The password can be found in our monthly newsletter to the employees of We Stay PRIDE partners.

Current Events

February 2022
🇬🇧 Members Exchange – 10.02.22
Exchange about current topics and challenges –
Best practice sharing for our members

This time we will have a discussion about allyship and quotas, especially on how to become an ally in the company, what an ally can do and shouldn’t do and later we will talk about pro’s and con’s for internal diversity quotas, particularly on difficulties of LGBTIQ+ quotas.

🇩🇪 LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Session – 22.02.22
Intersektionalität am Arbeitsplatz – Was Personaler:innen beachten sollten

Intersektionalität ist schon seit einigen Jahren in aller Munde und wird auch im HR-Bereich immer wichtiger. Doch was genau verbirgt sich hinter diesem Begriff und wie können Firmen und Organisationen intersektionale Konzepte nutzen, um die employee experience (Mitarbeitererfahrung) auszubauen?

🇩🇪 LGBTIQ+ Network Exchange – 16.02.22
CSD Teilnahme, Pride-Kampagnen und die Pinkwashing-Debatte

In diesem Netzwerkaustausch möchten wir uns mit den LGBTIQ+ Netzwerken unserer Partnerunternehmen darüber austauschen, wie Pinkwashing-Vorwürfe umgangen werden können. Was sollte intern passieren, bevor Firmenlogos bunt gefärbt und CSD Wägen/Fußgruppen geplant werden?

🇬🇧 LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Session – 23.02.22
Intersectionality at the workplace – what HR should consider

The concept of intersectionality has received more public attention in recent years and is also becoming increasingly more important in the HR sector. But what does intersectionality exactly entail and how can companies and organizations use intersectional concepts to improve employee experience?

March 2022
🇩🇪 LGBTIQ+ Diversity Training – 10/15/17/22 März
75+ Kriterien, um ein LGBTIQ+ freundlicher Arbeitgeber zu werden

Die Schulung gibt einen umfangreichen Überblick über LGBTIQ+ Diversity und seine vielseitigen Maßnahmen und Implementierungsmöglichkeiten, um Arbeitgeber dabei zu unterstützen, noch LGBTIQ+ freundlicher zu werden.

May 2022
🇩🇪 LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Session – 04.05.22
Titel folgt bald…

Das Thema wird bald bekannt gegeben.

🇬🇧 LGBTIQ+ Diversity Focus Session – 05.05.22
Title coming soon…

Topic will be announced soon.

🇬🇧 Members Exchange – 10.05.22
Exchange about current topics and challenges –
Best practice sharing for our members

The members exchange offers our partners the opportunity to exchange with other company representatives of our WSP members about current topics, challenges and best practices.

🇬🇧 LGBTIQ+ Network Exchange – 24.05.22
Exporting LGBTIQ+ networks and inclusive policies

In this network exchange, we invite members and representatives of our partner companies’ LGBTIQ+ networks to discuss and exchange ideas on how to expand their work into regions where LGBTIQ+ are less accepted or even criminialized.