Diversify or Die: Stories that are Told and Created to Reflect Actual Societies






12:00 pm



For whom is the event?

For all LGBT+ employees and Straight Allies of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies.


Moving beyond the diversity of inclusion, our goal is to push networks and streamers to invest in series that are not only about a diverse array of topics, characters and perspectives but also to make sure those voices are included in the actual creative process. The truth is that in an industry that is crowded with competitors the broadcasters of the digital age have no choice but to tell compelling tales of unique protagonists in order to differentiate their content and win subscribers/audiences. Big Window Productions has adopted this view as the driving force behind our creative development process as we incubate TV series concepts. We have three main pillars that are guided by this principle: 1. We want to peer into unknown worlds and tell the stories that audiences would normally not have access to. 2. Diversity in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Not just stories of people of color and strong female protagonists but also those of characters that are disabled and come from different socio-economic circumstances. With an emphasis on making sure those people are represented as writers, directors and crew (not just on screen). 3. Tell smart stories that are a reflection of what society is struggling with today (i.e. body politics, rise of populism, self-optimization, etc). These three content pillars stem from our own convictions and what we see as the new wave of storytelling that will push audiences beyond the standard fare of today into the specialized stories of tomorrow; stories that will enable broadcasters to connect with audiences they have previously overlooked and ultimately redefine the European television landscape.

About the Speaker

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Imran Khan is responsible for the development of the production slate for Joerg Winger’s new label, Big Window Productions, a subsidiary of UFA Fiction GmbH. Prior to his current role he has worked in media for over 13 years at CBS Television, Warner Bros., and Turner Broadcasting in various roles including scripted series development and sponsorship marketing. He then launched his own media startup, The Snack Content Network™. After successfully exiting his startup Imran was then recruited by Google where he spent the next eight years working across three different continents as a marketing consultant tasked with collaborating with creative agencies to develop brand initiatives for advertisers by capitalizing on dynamic opportunities in the digital world. He has been recognized for his efforts with prestigious Cannes Lion awards for his work on P&G Secret’s Mean Stinks anti-bullying campaign and for P&G Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign. Imran has two diametrically opposite degrees inBiochemical Engineering and Musical Theatre from North western University in Chicago. In addition, he holds an MBA from Columbia Business School in NYC.



The event is exclusive to all employees of our We Stay PRIDE partner companies. They can book a free ticket via the “Register” button below. The link to the online event will then be sent to all participants by email the day before the event.

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